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The Noble Taste brand
Fish has always occupied a place on our tables. Fish dishes have been the crowning of many feasts, parties and dinners. An experienced chef knows how to bring out of fish the subtlest flavors, accentuate or break them, creating a perfect composition.

We associate with fish everything that is healthy and tasty in our diet.

The numerous species and methods of preparing and processing fish create a wide range of culinary proposals.

Every fish can be served in a number of ways and a variety of tastes can be obtained from each species.

Within this wide range we try to find and select the best, noble species and the best methods to prepare them. This is not an easy task. One must use the wide range of knowledge about fish, knowledge about the methods for maintaining the nutritional value along with what we call our sense of taste.

We want to be your guide among the many proposals, therefore, we offer you products from premium species, prepared with diligence and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Discover noble taste!


Head Office

10-467 Olsztyn,
ul. Sprzętowa 3
tel. +48 89 532 20 60

VAT PL7393670875
REGON 280276788
National Court Register Number (KRS) 0000300524 District Court in Olsztyn 8th Commercial Division

Fish Processing Plant

11-100 Lidzbark Warmiński
ul. Bartoszycka 7
tel. +48 89 767 02 35
+48 89 767 10 00

Tahami Fish Sp. z o.o. Distribution Center

11-100 Lidzbark Warmiński
ul. Bartoszycka 7
tel. +48 89 767 10 00

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